5 Cast Iron accents to add an edge to your interiors

Iron is one of the most beautiful and elegant element in interior design that appeared on the décor scene centuries ago; and cast iron is its most advanced form. The design of cast ironwork has been adapted to suit all styles of décor- classical, contemporary, Scandinavian, Bohemian and minimalistic, among others. Sturdy and robust, cast iron artefacts can be passed on to generations, never losing their rustic charm.

Scroll on as we have assembled for you five classical Karara Mujassme cast iron designs that have been modelled on rich contemporary lines. Look out for the intricate patterns on them, they are real show stealers.

1. Elevate your garden décor with our cast iron chair set that is as British as the tradition of tea. The ornate white and the Victorian design add to its mesmerizing appeal.


2. A signage that conveys more than just the sign; carved with angelic passion, this cast iron piece surely makes a compelling statement.


3. Cast Iron Console Table

Top this cast iron console table with our minimalistic figurines and a sublime marble bust to get the perfect living room décor.


4. Available in multiple colors and designs, our cast iron grills are hugely popular amongst our customers. The Irresistible Victorian charm and the detailed patterns have adorned houses and mansions galore.


5. Cast Iron Spiral Staircase

This spiral staircase brings great décor value to a small space. The inherent strength of cast iron makes it a staircase for ages.

When it comes to cast iron home décor, there is a lot that you can choose from – minimalist bird baths to grand water fountains and grills to garden gazebos, we have got it all. Reach us on call or just mail and we will help you pick the cast iron accent of your taste and need.



Marble is one of the earliest materials to have been used by mankind in art & architecture. Be it the Romans or the Greeks, all ancient civilisations took marble to create artefacts that defined art for generations to come. A timeless symbol of elegance, marble exudes qualities of strength and beauty.

A Karara Mujassme marble figurine kept in your space truly reflects the connoisseur in you. Bold, beautiful and graceful, our marble sculptures are the perfect dash of opulence that your home needs. Here, we have assembled 5 marble figurines that are sure to bring timelessness to your decor.

1. Lady in the Hammock

Put your décor worries to rest with this magnificent figurine of a lady resting in a regal hammock

2. The Edge of a Woman

Whether you put this beautiful sculpture in your garden or make it the highlight of your patio, it will surely grab the undivided attention of your visitors.

3. Pink Marble Lady

Carved in rare pink marble, this beauty will make everyone look up to her in awe; Do not miss the intricate detailing in her hair bun and the falling garbs.

4. Reclining Lady

If you are ready to take your decor to the next level, this one is for you. This magnificent figurine of a belle sculpted at the epitome of her sensuality is a stunner for sure.

5. Marble Androgynous Sculpture

Land your décor the right balance between masculine and feminine with this Androgynous sculpture which will invariably become the topic of conversation at every gathering.

Getting the ideal home décor is not easy but Karara Mujassme certainly makes it easier for you. Browse through our wide range of marble sculptures adorning tasteful shades and artsy designs. Drop a query on our website or just call us, we will take it from there. Cheers.


Buddha is the universal symbol of peace and harmony. A Buddha sculpture is the perfect confluence of inner balance and spirituality. Its presence in the house is believed to bring meditative vibes, calm energy and good health. Buddha statues depicting various hand gestures and postures, have become an integral aspect of contemporary home & garden décor.

Read on as we have put together some of the finest Buddha figurines from our wide collection. Sculpted with the same compassion they are carved to inspire, these Buddha sculptures are the most sublime of all.

Eyes closed and a smile on his lips, this Buddha figurine is positivity spelled in sandstone. Its impeccable detailing is a testament to the art and class of our craftsmen.

A Buddha sculpture that serenades its surroundings into a pacifying calm. The magnificent sculpture also stands out because of the unique sleeping posture.

Bless your home décor with this sandstone bust sculpture of Buddha, the ancient figurehead of hope, karma and enlightenment.

Marble has its own tranquilizing feel; add to it the peaceful aura of Buddha and you have the perfect sculpture to embellish your garden or patio.

Pairing this beautiful Buddha statuette with matching décor items is the ideal way to bring life to an empty tabletop or a bookshelf.

Create a pacifying Zen spot in your house with our varied collection of Buddha sculptures and figurines. Drop a message or call on one of our numbers and as described in the karma teachings of Buddha, you will soon get a call back from us. Looking forward to hear from you.



5 Garden Essentials by Karara Mujassme

A garden is the soul of a house. The green poetry of plants weaves magic and the flowers add colors to our otherwise mundane lives. Our garden is a sacred place where we take a pause from our hectic lives to admire the beauty of mother nature.

As the modern living spaces are getting cluttered and work schedules are getting tighter, most of us aren’t quite able to put together a garden of our dreams. However, getting the right garden look can be done easier than you thought. Karara Mujassme houses a range of garden essentials, designed to make your garden the perfect place to host the fun and games with your loved ones or to dwell in reassuring solitude. Rejuvenate your garden with these subtle headliners and land it an unwavering class.

1. Marble Sculptures

Donning white hues of marble and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Four Seasons sculpture pacifies its ambiance with calm and serenity.

2. Cast Iron Chair Sets

Cast in sturdy iron and taking inspirations from designs of the Victorian era, our chair sets could light up a royal courtroom and a landscaped garden in equal measures.

3.  Marble Fountains

The musical tinkle of water flowing down carved rocks of a water fountain completes a garden in the true sense. Fashioned out of marble and imbibing the wisdom and glory of a horse, this sculpted fountain is a feast not only for eyes but for ears as well.

 4. Garden Gazebos

Put a classic roof on your outdoors with our robust iron gazebos for your elegant tea parties and reading sessions.

5. Lamp Posts

Perfectly suited to amplify the classical appeal of your garden, Karara Mujassme has in store a series of cast iron lamp posts in several designs and sizes.

Decorating your garden isn’t as tedious and laborious as you would have thought. All it takes is some beautiful Karara Mujassme accents to give the viewers something new to start admiring. Isn’t life just easier when we know how to get things done? Dial us up, we got the rest of it covered.

Myths About Marble Maintenance

Wondering if marble products are safe to buy?
Check out our post and put all your doubts to rest!

I was taking a customer on a round of my showroom. Looking at marble sculptures, he wondered and pondered. My inquisitive nature took a leap and I found myself asking “Is there something I can help you with, Sir?” and what came after was a barrage of questions.

‘Will the marble break?’

‘Will the color of the marble fade?’

‘Will it weather?’

‘Do I have to spend more on the maintenance?”

The answer to all of them is No.

Marble statues are sculpted to last. At Karara Mujassme, we use the best varieties of marble available to make our products. They’re beauty is also in it’s strength.

66 copy.PNG

The colored marble statues do not loose their color as they are stone in itself. So that colored brown dress on that lady is going to remain brown.

37 copy.PNG

All the maintenance that marble products need is a quick wipe of a damp cloth to remove the dirt or if the statues are placed outdoors then more frequent. They’re is also minimal weathering which affects the carving and detailing of marble, making these products a safe investment and beautiful addition to your house.

If there are any other queries, please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you about them.



David by Michaelangelo

David by Michaelangelo is much more than a masterpiece. It’s a symbol of persistence and determination, being carved 40 years later out of a single block of marble.

Made out of the Carrara marble, one of the finest and whitest marble in the world,  David was a sight to behold upon it’s completion. So much so, it’s original location, a top the Cathedral of Florence, was changed to the Palazzo Della Signoria for everyone to devour it’s beauty.

Girgio Vasari, an acclaimed Italian painter and architect, went on to praise ‘David’ and said

“Whoever has seen this work need not trouble to see any other work executed in sculpture, either in our own or in other times.” 

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-09 at 10.52.56 AMKarara Mujassme’s rendition of David is created with utmost care and passion. The sculpture is intricately sculpted to the point where one can see the veins that run through his body.  An act of truly sculpting life into a block of marble.

This beautiful sculpture can be the perfect centerpiece for your garden, or for embellishing the interiors of your space.

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Apollo and the Nymphs by Karara Mujassme

The well-known sculpture “Apollo and the Nymphs” is the work of one of the greatest sculptors of Baroque era, François Girardon.  Composed of seven figures the sculpture by the French sculptor introduced Apollo in the gardens. The arrangement of several statues unifying to become one was a practice formulated in the Classical Period.

Apollo and the Nymphs by Karara Mujassme shows God Apollo in a sitting posture surrounded by nymphs, who are young and beautiful women inhabiting rivers or woods.

LS-339 copy

Skilfully carved, this art piece reflects dynamism and diversity in the movement of the figures. The spectacular use of space exhibits stylistic virtues that firmly link the work to baroque style which is dramatic, religiously inspired, illusion-ism and movement.

The grand statue ensemble is sculpted on fine-quality white marble stone. Ideal for your garden decor “Apollo and the Nymphs” by Karara Mujassme is the ultimate representation of the classical works of 17th century.

The elegance and gracefulness of the artistic work creates a charismatic and a romantic setting for the outdoors, leaving you with an inimitable experience!

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