Venus De Milo By Karara Mujassme

Venus De Milo By Karara Mujassme is a white marble stone statue embodying the grace and elegance of Goddess Aphrodite from Greek Mythology.


One of the most renowned sculptures from ancient Greece, the Venus de Milo is the embodiment of flawless beauty in its most flawed form. The marble stone statue represents the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and was sculpted during the Hellenistic period.

Discovered in 1820 on the small Greek island of Melos in the Aegean, Venus De Milo is currently displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris.Extremely popular today, this poised figure of a goddess has been drawing the attention of art lovers all over the world.

Venus De Milo statue by Karara Mujassme is an amalgamation of the classical essence of the original and with a hint of innovative characteristics such as the curved composition, symmetry and the perfect fall of the drapery over the hips.

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Found in the ruins, the handless Venus De Milo is a glimpse of ancient ideals of beauty and poise in today’s modern world. It is the ideal yet imperfect and complete yet broken. The incomplete statue comes with its set of mysteries and several interpretations which has made an ancient work of art into a contemporary work of wonder.

The white stone marble adds to the artistic appeal of the statue. It is bound to become its owner’s pride, this classical beauty will undoubtedly adorn any setting of the home and garden decor with its artistic precision and immaculate beauty.

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Apollo Belvedere By Karara Mujassme

“Apollo Belvedere” By Karara Mujassme is a reflection into Greek Mythology’s finest representation of masculinity decked in all it’s grace. It’s a masterpiece which is bound to draw your attention.

The pinnacle of masculine beauty, God Apollo exists in both Roman and Greek mythology. His masculine beauty is famously depicted through the “Apollo Belvedere” sculpture. Currently in the Vatican museum, this statue is one of the most famous sculptures from antiquity, prominent for its so-called contrapposto stance, or a counter-pose resting on one leg.

Apollo Belvedere statue by Karara Mujassme represents the charming posture and serene presence which can draw in anyone’s attention.



Using the finest technique this statue is skilfully carved showing the complex contrapposto stance. Apollo’s left leg is a little bent with the body weight balanced on the right leg creating the counter-pose. The cloak draped over the shoulders and left arm of Apollo accentuates his glowing, youthful stature and the look of purity and aristocracy. The serpent creeping up the tree on his right side symbolizes the power of darkness overpowered by the god.

The white marble stone further adds to Apollo’s beauty and radiance. Highly durable this statue by Karara Mujassme represents the masculinity in all its grace.

Perfect for home and garden decor, this “Apollo Belvedere” statue symbolizes the ethics of classical art.

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Eros & Psyche By Karara Mujassme

Eros & Psyche By Karara Mujassme, is a beautiful depiction of relentless and passionate love. Using beautiful white and pink marble, this myth is brought to life.

Eros (Cupid) and Psyche is one of the most popular and beautiful love stories from the Greek mythology. “Eros and Psyche” is about the beautiful mortal princess Psyche, who overcomes several hurdles, and sacrifices to be united with her beloved, God Eros. Her determination and passion eventually earns her immortality and happiness of true love. With different versions, this Greek myth is still extremely popular today.

Karara Mujassme has brought this myth to life with two beautiful marble statues representing this famous bond of love as it reignites the spirit of romanticism of the neoclassical epoch.

First, is the incredible pink stone marble stone statue.


The second, a white and black marble stone statue.


These marble stone statues show Eros holding Psyche in a loving and protecting manner.  With attention to detailing like the  fine curls and lines of the hair and light feathery details of the wings add a very realistic look to the statues.The pink and white marble stones used enhance the elegance and gracefulness of the statues.

These statues by Karara Mujassme represents the depth of love and the bond of tenderness and passion. Perfect for home decor and suitable for being placed both indoor and outdoor, these pieces are perfect for creating a charismatic and romantic setting.

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The Three Graces By Karara Mujassme, is a classical representation of the ancient myth in it’s most beautiful form.

“The Three Graces” or “charities” from ancient Greek mythology are beautiful supernatural nymphs who personify beauty, charisma and grace. “The Three Graces” is one of the most famous neoclassical sculptures by the Italian artist Antonio Canova.

Karara Mujassme brings back the charm of neoclassicism with its charismatic representation of the “The Three Graces” statue. Carved with utmost perfection, the statue illustrates the three embracing goddesses linked together in a circle as they hold each other by the waist or neck forming a graceful chain in their most natural form.


The statue of “The Three Graces “is flawlessly carved on fine quality white marble stone. It is sure to add artistic appeal, beauty, charm and grace to any setting where it is kept be it indoors or outdoors.

Beauty of “The Three Graces” and the statue is indeed eternal and can be passed on for generations! Perfect for home decor the “Three Graces Statue” signifies productivity, creativity and togetherness.

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Discobolus By Karara Mujassme

Discobolus of Myron, a shining symbol of endurance and determination from Ancient Greece is personified through Karara Mujassme’s skillfully created white marble statue.

The “Discobolus of Myron” is a Greek sculpture of mid fifth century BC. An incredible representation of athletic ideal, Discobolus is an iconic image of the Olympic Games.

Karara Mujassme’s representation of this famous athlete from the classical period boasts of the ideal male who is energetic and realistic. The statue is an amalgamation of Greek ideals of proportion, equilibrium, pace and harmony. Each detail is finished with care and precision.


The advancement of the classical sculpture is reflected through the potential energy that the pose spells. Although the limbs of the athlete who is on the verge of throwing the discus are out flung, there is no strain on the torso muscle.

This Incredible piece of art on white marble stone by Karara Mujassme is perfect to enhance the artistic appeal of your home decor be it indoors or outdoors. It beautifully depicts an athlete in the act of throwing a disk.

Carved carefully and with perfect symmetry this piece of art will categorically remind you of the classical period.

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The Atlas By Karara Mujassme

Karara Mujassme’s “The Atlas”, is a classical yet unique representation to the infamous Greek legend.

Atlas, a legendary mythical Titan God from Greek mythology was well known for his feat of holding the world on his shoulders. He was the god of endurance and astronomy.

The bent knee and the globe supported on the back and shoulder posture is a classic look of Atlas created during the Hellenistic and Roman times. Till today, Atlas continues to be an icon which represents strength and endurance.

“The Atlas” statue by Karara Mujassme is a unique version of this iconic myth, making it a must have for home and office decor. Extremely eye catching, the Greek God Atlas white marble stone statue shows him kneeling on one knee while he balances a massive round globe on his back with his hands raised to hold it in place.


Paying attention to intricate details such as the curls of his hair and beard, the fall and folds of his clothing, the expression on his face to the fascinating globe with intriguing figures, are all carved with precision and passion.

This mesmeric piece of art is highly durable and the white marble stone enhances the beauty of this visually appealing statue.

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The Centaurs By Karara Mujassme


The Centaurs, famed for being half-human and half horse are one of the most famous creatures from the Greek mythology. They were great warriors and were often illustrated with bows and spears. They were ‘free spirits’ with love for life, food, wine, women and sensuality. The battle between centaurs and gods or heroes, “Centauromachy”, was popularly depicted through sculptures in many ancient Greek buildings, particularly temples. 

Karara Mujassme has created its own graceful rendition of these amazing creatures from Greek mythology with skilfully carved marble statues. The Centaur statue by Karara Mujassme personifies power, wealth, and exuberance; and is perfect to add to the artistic appeal of your home decor.


Taking creativity to the hilt, with attention to detailing and fine finish, this white marble stone statue is ideal for decorating or gifting options. This piece of art is highly durable and perfect for indoors and outdoors. The white marble stone adds elegance to this visually appealing statue. The statute can withstand all weather condition maintaining its beauty year after year, certainly a gift for the future generations!

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