5 Cast Iron accents to add an edge to your interiors

Iron is one of the most beautiful and elegant element in interior design that appeared on the décor scene centuries ago; and cast iron is its most advanced form. The design of cast ironwork has been adapted to suit all styles of décor- classical, contemporary, Scandinavian, Bohemian and minimalistic, among others. Sturdy and robust, cast iron artefacts can be passed on to generations, never losing their rustic charm.

Scroll on as we have assembled for you five classical Karara Mujassme cast iron designs that have been modelled on rich contemporary lines. Look out for the intricate patterns on them, they are real show stealers.

1. Elevate your garden décor with our cast iron chair set that is as British as the tradition of tea. The ornate white and the Victorian design add to its mesmerizing appeal.


2. A signage that conveys more than just the sign; carved with angelic passion, this cast iron piece surely makes a compelling statement.


3. Cast Iron Console Table

Top this cast iron console table with our minimalistic figurines and a sublime marble bust to get the perfect living room décor.


4. Available in multiple colors and designs, our cast iron grills are hugely popular amongst our customers. The Irresistible Victorian charm and the detailed patterns have adorned houses and mansions galore.


5. Cast Iron Spiral Staircase

This spiral staircase brings great décor value to a small space. The inherent strength of cast iron makes it a staircase for ages.

When it comes to cast iron home décor, there is a lot that you can choose from – minimalist bird baths to grand water fountains and grills to garden gazebos, we have got it all. Reach us on call or just mail and we will help you pick the cast iron accent of your taste and need.


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